About us

Selling a car is an extensive and uncertain process. One is never sure of their Car’s Real Market Value. Listing online leads to more time consumption, multiple calls, random meetings, price haggling and a lot more. We offer an efficient and reliable way to car owners to buy and sell their cars at the best prices. We presents you only highest quality cars which are sourced through a meticulously designed screening process. Our team of Expert Mechanics make sure that every car chosen for our lot has passed comprehensive mechanical and cosmetic inspection. Our quality obsessiveness leaves nothing to chance, meaning complete peace of mind for you. At Cars by Rawstone Ventures makes selling a car an easy, fair and quick experience.


We present you cars sourced directly from individuals. Direct sourcing method helps us cut commissions of middlemen, and enables us present you cars at rates at least 5-6% lower than average market rates. We not only provides you Highest Quality Cars but also helps you make Real Savings.

Standards and high results

We don’t settle for less, instead, we focus on more. At Cars by Rawstone Ventures, we focus on doing them even better. There is a strong and deep trust with each and every stake holder.

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